The Mildenhall Museum Is Sponsored By The National Lottery

The Mildenhall Museum is proud to invite all of you history passionate out there to visit our newly developed galleries. We can assure you that you will find something you will enjoy no matter if it is located in the pre-history room, the 1950s community room or something in between those periods. We are not charging any entrance fees for visitors, although donations are warmly encouraged as all of our funds are drawn from donations, as well as the selling of publications and money that is being raised by the Museum Society. The Museum is also sponsored via a grant received on behalf of the Heritage Lottery Fund, which means part of the money wagered by lottery players have actually reached our Museum, and, more explicitly, the newly built floor.


What’s New At The Museum?  

We have also received an award on behalf of the Forest Heath District Council, and we have used the combined money to build the previously mentioned floor that was much-anticipated by the volunteers working for the Museum as well as for the regular visitors. We have managed to completely renovate the building so you can now fully admire the flints and fossils with example items that you can actually touch. If you are familiar with the tale of the Lakenheath Warrior, you will be able to admire him and his horse alongside other artifacts from his grave. The Mildenhall Treasure is another critical point of the museum and visitors will get to find out details on the important role the air base has played during the Second World War. Te Community Space is another wing that was made possible with the help of the funding received and it encourages school students to plan group visits here. 


Would You Like To Show Your Support For The Mildenhall Museum?

In order to show your support to us and to bring your small, but significant contribution to us, we encourage you to play the National Lottery – so that you too can sponsor the Heritage Lottery Fund that has been so generous with us. You can play online lotteries on specialized web sites such as Lottery Master, so you can benefit from the very same advantages in case you win, but while enjoying the convenience of playing the comfort of your dwelling. EuroMillions is another European game that UK residents can play alongside people from Switzerland, France, Austria, Portugal, and many others. It is played every Friday and its jackpot prizes reach impressive amounts – tens or dozens of millions of Euros. Just imagine the way you could invest or spend your money and don’t forget about the National Lottery game with similarly appealing prizes and get your online tickets today.   


SwiftyThe Mildenhall Museum Is Sponsored By The National Lottery