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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
41452311CharlotteAbreyTuddenham, SuffolkWidow9th March 189812th February 1915
42051452ArthurAdamsMildenhall, SuffolkSoliciters Clerk8th January 1886
41881419Arthur WorlledgeAldrichMildenhall, SuffolkPhysician and Surgeon6th October 1891
31173369Elizabeth FrancisAldrichMildenhall, SuffolkWidow22nd June 189514th March 1896
31467434WilliamAllsopLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer25th March 187213th November 1897
31121354Anne SwaleAndrewsMildenhall, Suffolk16th December 189516th April 1891
215133DavidAndrewsBeck Row, SuffolkShoemaker2nd October 1875
31444428JosephAndrewsMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman15th May 189522nd December 1897
5771140William HenryAppleyandBarton Mills, Suffolk29th July 19321st April 1932
41691358Edith MariaArcherBrandon, SuffolkSpinster4th April 191629th December 1917
41541334Ernest George ArcherFeltwell, NorfolkSurgeon4th April 18912nd November 1915
4492116GeorgeArcherFeltwell, Norfolkret. Surgeon4th December 19027th February 1904
1346103Sarah ArcherMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster22nd April 187622nd December 1880
131295Susannah ArcherMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster20th February 188023rd April 1881
4431104Mary AnnAshleyAttleborough, Norfolk25th April 189229th September 1896
429369WilliamAshleyAttleborough, NorfolkGentleman8th July 190220th February 1903
428168Emma SophiaAsplandWicken, Cambs23rd March 19038th January 1903
441499IsaacAsplandWicken, CambsGrocer7th July 186430th March 1875
41981441Jane VictoriaAsplandWicken, Cambs30th June 190529th January 1920
31011302MarthaAsplandWicken, CambsSpinster22nd May 187116th January 1892
116238Mary AsplandWicken, CambsWidow23rd December 187829th May 1879
2471130William AsplandWicken, CambsGentleman23rd March 186822nd October 1849
2417AdamAvesWest Row, SuffolkFarmer13th December 186918th March 1871
537171LeonardAvesWest Row, SuffolkWidower3rd October 192814th April 1928
41301283WalterAvesWest Row, SuffolkInn Keeper30th April 19122nd November 1912
531260Leonard Aves LennonWest Row, SuffolkFarmer9th April 190714th April 1928
414433ThomasAveyChippenham, Cambs24th November 18792nd December 1879
4501118Thomas AveyChippenham, Cambs24th November 18792nd December 1879
415134William AveyFreckenham, Suffolkret. Inn Keeper17th February 19022nd February 1902
5621118Harry SheffieldAyersMildenhall, SuffolkPlumber20th July 192826th November 1930
2492130Mary AyersMildenhall, SuffolkWidow29th June 18689th June 1868
59120EdmundBaconWest Row, SuffolkCarpenter5th November 191729th December 1917
31392419HenryBaconWest Row, SuffolkCarpenter13th February 189524th July 1897
31644485John RutterfordBaconBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer, Dealer and Horse 19th August 189921st August 1899
4553124AbelBaileyKenninghall, NorfolkHotel Keeper7th November 188821st September 1904
130293Haygarth BainesHawkshead, LancsVicar28th February 187325th December 1880
3562174EdwardBaldingBrandon, SuffolkFarmer29th July 188411th February 1885
413330LouisaBallsCromer, NorfolkSpinster24th April 190119th September 1901
1333100Samuel BanksCottenham, CambsClerk 17th July 187424th April 1881
42031450ArthurBarkerLakenheath, SuffolkSaddler19th January 19205th May 1920
41942431Nathaniel WalterBarnardistonGt. Henny & Major General of the Army,2nd May 191618th August 1919
Staveston Park, Suffolk mem. Royal Victorian
 Order, Justice of the peace 
of Suffolk, Com. of foreign orders
217142ElizabethBartleMildenhall, SuffolkWidow16th October 1865
1622193Thomas BartleMildenhall, SuffolkSixton16th March 187623rd October 1885
41043222Sarah Jane BauksLewisham, LondonWidow22nd January 1901
111225Kenny Waddelow BestThetford, NorfolkSurgeon3rd December 186030th July 1865
25615141Robert BettsBrandon, SuffolkBricklayer27th August 18333rd February 1838
432181FrederickBlandFordham, Cambsret. Farmer3rd July 19034th June 1903
213824GeorgeBlandMildenhall, SuffolkAuctioneer25th May 186918th September 1871
4801168Oliver CanterBloomBurwell, CambsLinnen Merchant26th February 190710th August 1906
423256Elizabeth LouisaBlossMildenhall, Suffolk4th April 19015th April 1901
41061226Frances Jane BomfordBythchurch, CambsWidow26th September 1900
2862283CharlesBonnetLakenheath, SuffolkShepherd4th May 1842
42221478Robert BowdenWest Row, SuffolkSmall Holder8th December 1921
41162245WilliamBowersIsleham, CambsBoot and Shoemaker5th January 190712th January 1911
3701205WilliamBowersLakenheath, SuffolkCarrier13th April 189127th April 1891
522241CatherineBoyceMildenhall, SuffolkAssistant Overseer12th January 19185th February 1927
520139Ruth AlexandraBoyceChelsea, MiddlesexLady7th March 189217th October 1926
18516Walter Savage BoyceBarton Mills, SuffolkFarmer12th June 187819th July 1878
19as above19Walter Savage BoyceBarton Mills, SuffolkFarmer25th June 187819th July 1878
511122John WilliamBradleyMildenhall, SuffolkHotel Proprieter16th September 1925
41892420RichardBradleyIsleham, Cambsret. Schoolmaster15th May 191821st May 1919
318551JamesBrightwellBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer7th July 187313th May 1880
31103350JohnBrightwellMildenhall, SuffolkTailor and wool draper14th February 185125th September 1895
221152John BrightwellBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th June 187225th April 1872
31531452SusannahBrightwellMildenhall, SuffolkWidow31st December 189615th April 1898
4814169AliceBrownLakenheath, SuffolkWidow12th November 19066th February 1907
2629AnnBrownIsleham, CambsWidow26th February 187611th November 1899
3352104BetsyBrownIsleham, CambsWidow20th November 188611th September 1888
5581113Charles EdwardBrownMildenhall, SuffolkTailor and Outfitter7th April 191627th April 1930
41031221Felix EmmanuelBrownMildenhall, SuffolkTailor24th March 190822nd November 1909
1642198Harriet BrownWest Row, Suffolk3rd July 188520th November 1885
2822278JamesBrownIsleham, CambsFarmer18th May 1867
41591339JaneBrownWest Row, SuffolkWidow17th January 191320th March 1916
110421Joseph BrownIsleham, CambsGentleman9th March 186828th August 1873
325172Rebecca BrownFeltwell, Norfolk25th February 188729th May 1887
3901261WilliamBrownIsleham, CambsFarmer14th March 186824th January 1881
1551167M A Brunton4th October 188415th February 1885
2418117JohnBuckEast Wickham, KentYeoman7th December 185519th August 1857
1444140Augusta Merina BuckeMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster5th July 18764th August 1883
310515324Dame Frances JoannaBunburyMildenhall, SuffolkWidow25th February 189221st July 1894
26415181Sir Henry EdwardBunburyGt. Barton, SuffolkBaronet26th October 1859
219545Thomas CharlesBunburyGt. Barton, SuffolkBaronet27th June 1808
31291403Rev. William JohnBurnIndian Head, North West Lord Bishop29th June 189618th June 1896
Territories, Canada
31301403Rev. William JohnBurnIndian Head, North West Lord Bishop7th May 189518th June 1896
Territories, Canada
31312404Rev. William JohnBurnIndian Head, North West Lord Bishop24th March 189718th June 1896
Territories, Canada
41362294Henry  MatthewBurtMildenhall, SuffolkPrinter and Bookseller5th March 191225th December 1912
41973438Mary AnnBurtMildenhall, SuffolkWidow1st January 1913
31512449AbrahamButcherWest Row, SuffolkFarmer17th June 188725th January 1898
31412423ElizaButcherWest Row, Suffolk5th June 189114th June 1897
5741136EmmaButcherWest Row, Suffolk5th February 193215th January 1932
41322285FannyButcherWest Row, Suffolk21st May 190921st January 1913
4562127JacobButcherWest Row, SuffolkFarmer19th October 190123rd June 1904
5611117JonathanButcherIsleham, CambsRetired Auctioneer1st February 192710th August 1930
510121ThomasButcherLakenheath, SuffolkLabourer9th February 1921