Mildenhall Museum galleries

Mildenhall Museum is fortunate to house varied and fascinating collections, from the skeleton of the Lakenheath Warrior (and his horse!) to our fascinating insight into the events at Mildenhall RAF airbase during the Second World War. From wartime uniforms to a butcher’s bike, the varied galleries capture the spirit of the town.


Touch an ammonite, see flint tools and find out about ancient burials.

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The Romans

Experience the story of the Mildenhall Treasure, and see the jewellery and brooches wealthy Romans wore in Britain.

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See the incredible Lakenheath Warrior and his horse, plus treasures from local Anglo-Saxon graves.

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Fen and Breck

Find out about local wildlife, farming, hunting, fishing and rabbit-fur production, and touch an eel.

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The Town

Meet Mildenhall characters who ran local shops and businesses and explored the world.

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In the air

Relive the excitement of the Great Air Race of 1934, as well as Mildenhall’s role in war and peacetime.

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