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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
41632346Susan CappIcklingham, SuffolkSpinster9th May 191212th February 1917
41242267Henry WilliamCarpenterMildenhall, Suffolk12th June 191217th June 1912
31183372JamesCarpenterLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer12th February 18867th June 1896
41731370SarahCarpenterCavenham, Suffolk31st January 1913
3435140ThomasCarpenterBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th March 188424th February 1888
3841240Robert CashLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer3rd December 188528th January 1892
37521JohnChamberlainLakenheath, SuffolkGentleman27th January 187911th December 1885
419344Phoebe FrancesChamberlainLakenheath, SuffolkWidow21st April 189616th February 1902
39310266CarolineChapmanFordham, CambsWidow4th October 187622nd June 1893
3666194JamesChapmanMundford, NorfolkTea Dealer15th June 187128th July 1880
529354SabinaChapmanLakenheath, SuffolkWidow18th December 192523rd March 1928
3681202George JacobChifneyMildenhall, SuffolkChemist2nd August 188012th June 1891
437387Sarah ElizabethChifneyMildenhall, SuffolkWidow13th February 190024th September 1903
2619167FrancesChilderstoneHolywell Row, SuffolkWidow27th February 186523rd May 1865
3792225JonathanChilderstoneBeck Row, SuffolkLand Surveyor18th June 189118th January 1892
210117Mary ChinneryMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster14th January 187527th March 1875
417338MaryClarkMildenhall, SuffolkWidow26th September 19002nd March 1902
4593131CharlesClarkeWest Row, SuffolkCarpenter and Farmer23rd February 1891
2753249GardenerClarkeMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer16th September 186220th September 1862
2511134George Daniel ClarkeBarton Mills, SuffolkGentleman22nd June 186811th September 1868
4731161Jael DeborahClarkeLakenheath, SuffolkSpinster21st September 18985th June 1906
1431139John ClarkeBrandon, SuffolkHairdresser and Stationer12th October 1882
524245RebeccaClarkeCambridge, Cambs4th November 192612th November 1926
3943276RichardClarkeMildenhall, SuffolkBrazier16th June 189013th October 1893
41222262Richard CharlesClarkeMildenhall, SuffolkBuilder and Undertaker11th December 1909
31033317SarahClarkeBarton Mills, SuffolkWidow13th June 18914th January 1895
41852415WilliamClarkeIsleham, CambsLabourer17th February 1912
41091229RichardClements SnrBeck Row, Suffolk14th May 191021st May 1910
2891293JohnClerkBrandon, SuffolkPostmaster11th April 1860
547291ElizabethCockertonLakenheath, SuffolkWidow10th September 192724th February 1929
41551335HarrietCoeWest Row, Suffolk25th November 19157th December 1915
526148WilliamCoeBeck Row, Suffolk29th October 1926
42211477Samuel ReynoldsColbyLouavla, IndiaClerk in the Holy Order31st July 1911
33812116Francis SamuelColemanNorwood, SurreyGentleman17th March 188120th May 1886
41991442Esther CollenIsleham, Cambs12th March 19196th May 1920
2782258JamesCollenIsleham, CambsYeoman5th March 1821
5439JohnCollenWorlington, SuffolkFarmer27th September 192425th November 1924
2912299JosephCollenIsleham, CambsTurfman3rd July 183417th September 1842
41792397JosephCollenIsleham, CambsFarmer31st March 1917
218243Joseph CollenIsleham, CambsTurfman3rd July 183417th September 1842
435185AnnComptonMildenhall, Suffolk14th August 19039th July 1903
4701158Edward ComptonMildenhall, SuffolkEsquire15th August 190320th February 1906
38626FullerCookMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer6th July 18751st October 1880
41788379Robert CookMarylebone, Middlesex5th March 1880
41474316BarbaraCooperWillesden Green, LondonWidow3rd June 19135th January 1915
31382417Henry CooperSemer, SuffolkRector8th June 1894
4461108SarahCooperNew Cross, KentWidow3rd March 188727th November 1900
3952279SophiaCooperMildenhall, SuffolkWidow16th June 189030th Decmber 1893
4471109William CooperWickhambrook, SuffolkInsurance agent23rd July 187812th December 1885
31761506Edward CornellFreckenham, SuffolkInn Keeper25th September 190029th September 1900
1381124James CornwellIsleham, CambsTurf Digger11th December 1832
2354100James CornwellIsleham, CambsBlacksmith11th April 186819th May 1874
5721133MatildaCornwellBarton Mills, Suffolk9th September 1929
31111353WilliamCosseyLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer17th December 189524th April 1895
1453144Robert CowellWest Row, SuffolkFarmer17th September 187331st March 1877
231380JamesCoxLakenheath, SuffolkBailiff19th April 187217th October 1874
3731213SarahCoxMildenhall, SuffolkWidow25th September 189014th August 1891
57118IsaacCurtisRisby, SuffolkFarmer26th August 19224th June 1925
4873179James CurtisRisby, SuffolkFarmer15th May 190728th June 1907
5802143James ButcherCurtisBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer1st August 191327th October 1932
3601184Mary CurtisPutney, Surrey24th August 1883
41463313William HenryCurtisIsleham, CambsGrocer and Draper30th August 190415th January 1915
2403114HenryDaveyBurwell, CambsCarpenter1st September 1868
5871152Elizabeth FrancisDavisNW1, London16th December 1932
41312283WilliamDearBeck Row, SuffolkPedlar26th October 191228th November 1912
31205377JohnDeathCambridge, CambsEsquire7th March 18944th January 1896
31502447James WingDennisStradishall, SuffolkFarmer21st September 188519th March 1888
41861417SallyDerwentLakenheath, SuffolkWidow20th November 1918
2452128Charles DickensGadshill, KentGentleman12th May 1869
41725365BenjaminDiverIsleham, CambsChemist, Iron Monger, Seed grower and coal merchant18th August 18966th July 1917
2905294JohnDiverIsleham, CambsGardener29th July 187013th August 1870
2841281ElizabethDockingWicken, CambsWidow29th October 186825th July 1869
427266ElizabethDockingWicken, CambsSpinster5th July 189818th February 1903
2674204HarrietDoddHolywell Row, Suffolk5th February 1841
3751215HenryDodsonWorlington, SuffolkExaminer of County Courts16th October 18915th November 1891
31363412Sophia DodsonWorlington, Suffolk23rd November 189423rd April 1897
35215CookDorlingFreckenham, SuffolkButcher and Farmer10th April 188624th June 1886
36417CookDorlingFreckenham, SuffolkButcher and Farmer10th April 188624th June 1886
41252269MaryDorlingFreckenham, SuffolkWidow31st March 18961st May 1912
41911424Robert FolkesDorlingBarton Mills, Suffolk9th March 191614th July 1919
228176James EagleHolywell Row, SuffolkFarmer9th July 187321st June 1873
42262483FrederickEdwardsHeacham, NorfolkWidower24th May 19228th June 1923
1603189William EdwardsMildenhall, SuffolkStonemason22nd November 18776th January 1879
546190Sarah AnnElmarMildenhall, SuffolkWidow26th August 192218th March 1929
31264396Henry ArthurElmerElmswell, SuffolkMiller, Merchant and Farmer11th October 1894
31254392Henry WilliamElmerSt. Ashfield, SuffolkMiller, Merchant and Farmer14th March 188722nd February 1890
4131Joseph ManningEneferHockwold, Norfolkret. Farmer6th June 18941st December 1900
41802399MyraEneferHockwold, NorfolkSpinster11th June 19005th October 1917
42111461Catherine GathercoleEtheridgeKirkley, Suffolk29th September 1909
1419129Edward Wright EtheridgeStoke Ferry, NorfolkGentleman25th September 18798th April 1883
31731503FitzwilliamEvansEriswell, SuffolkClerk25th June 187219th August 1900
434184Jane AugustaEvansBarton Mills, SuffolkWidow21st July 190316th May 1903
42092458Anna MariaEveredChevington, SuffolkWidow15th February 1921
124376William EveredBrandon, SuffolkBaker and Confectioner16th May 187328th November 1876
548293MarthaEyetIsleham, Cambs14th March 191313th January 1929
545189ThomasEyetIsleham, Cambs11th June 192719th June 1929