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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
42021449Edward WilliamFarrSurrey16th March 188510th February 1915
129192Aaron FeastWicken, CambsFarmer18th August 188031st August 1880
2362104MaryFellWisbech, CambsWidow20th September 1810
1225George FinchIsleham, CambsBoatwright3rd July 1869
31571463EmmaFinchamBeck Row, SuffolkWidow3rd July 186922nd July 1900
3392128IsaacFinchamBeck Row, SuffolkMachinist30th April 18875th October 1888
31521451JohnFinchamBeck Row, SuffolkSurveyor29th January 18818th January 1898
549195JosephFinchamLakenheath, Suffolk11th August 192727th December 1927
41233264Peter HenryFinchamLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer16th July 190321st January 1911
3485153RobertFinchamBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer22nd December 18761st April 1889
323261RobertFinchamLakenheath, SuffolkInnkeeper16th February 188714th April 1887
5642121SydneyFinchamBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer28th March 193016th January 1931
1634195William FinchamLakenheath, Suffolk13th May 185724th March 1884
1532164Phillip FitchMildenhall, SuffolkAuctioneer13th February 1875
2481130Samuel FitchesChelsea, MiddlesexLabourer22nd October 18681st September 1868
132397Edward Hensby FlackLittleport, CambsFarmer27th July 187028th March 1881
42182472MariaFlackLakenheath, SuffolkWidow29th April 1901
411128SimonFlackLakenheath, Suffolkret. Farmer16th October 190124th October 1901
31741504WalterFlackLakenheath, Suffolk24th September 190012th July 1900
41952433EleanorFlattQuiddenham, Norfolk15th May 19188th October 1919
3837233JosephFlattWest Row Fen, SuffolkFarmer10th May 1878
533363MaryFleetChislehurst, KentSpinster8th June 190617th March 1928
532162WilliamFleetIsleham, Cambs27th April 19002nd February 1908
326473John RudlandFolkesBarton Mills, SuffolkFarmer17th December 187924th October 1887
538272Ada EvelynFordWest Row, SuffolkWidow31st August 19277th September 1928
225173Jeptha FordBeck Row, SuffolkFarrier24th February 18683rd July 1868
519237William JamesFordWest Row, SuffolkEngineer6th January 192622nd January 1926
2765252ElizabethFordhamSoham, Cambs8th January 1845
4792166JohnForleyTittleshall, Norfolkret. Linnen Draper22nd November 18892nd November 1897
3721212ThomasFosterLakenheath, SuffolkShoemaker6th August 188910th July 1891
31281402William GeorgeFowlerMildenhall, SuffolkPork Butcher8th January 188610th March 1897
321159John FrysonIsleham, CambsGrocer and Draper21st May 1870
1575175John FrysonSoham, CambsGentleman3rd January 1883
1525159Susanna FullerBarton Mills, SuffolkSpinster1st October 188412th December 1884
41561336Edward Manning FysonHigham, SuffolkFarmer7th August 18967th October 1915
420247Thomas SimpsonGalleySouthery, Norfolk20th March 189712th February 1902
119245Elizabeth GarnerBrandon, SuffolkSpinster7th May 187421st December 1879
42072454Elizabeth MaryGarnerBrandon, SuffolkSpinster6th November 1917
2221153GeorgeGatakerReading, BerksGentleman16th December 187030th April 1872
223164John AnthonyGatesSapiston, SuffolkFarmer4th August 186817th May 1868
31156361GeorgianaGathercoleLakenheath, Suffolk5th May 188125th January 1896
41151244RichardGathercoleLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer3rd September 190824th August 1910
2141James GednySouthtown or Lt. Yarmouth, SuffolkGentleman24th July 184820th January 1849
41352292CharlesGeeMildenhall, Suffolk14th May 19061st April 1913
3716206Charles EdwardGibbsIcklingham, SuffolkJustice of the Peace20th July 18916th August 1891
3741214Charles EdwardGibbsIcklingham, SuffolkEsquire1st August 18916th August 1891
41112236KateGibbsCromer, Norfolk8th March 190830th January 1910
5244Kate SarahGibbsGt. Malvern, WorcesterWidow11th May 19075th January 1924
3866242Ann GittusMildenhall, SuffolkWidow24th March 189224th October 1892
31091349ArthurGittusWorlington, SuffolkFarmer26th June 18916th November 1895
3877248EdwardGittusNewmarket, Cambs/ Snailwell, CambsFarmer14th January 189023rd December 1892
551597FrederickGittusMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer4th February 19278th June 1929
2396108RobertGittusWest Row, SuffolkFarmer28th August 186323rd Novemeber 1870
311238Olive GlasierMildenhall, SuffolkWidow8th November 188412th December 1886
1463147William GlasierMildenhall, SuffolkSuperintendant of the Police23rd November 188312h December 1883
4884182James HowlettGodferyBarton Mills, SuffolkGentleman9th March 1906
314246Ellen GoldingMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster13th January 188715th January 1887
41581338Susan GoldingIsleham, CambsWidow5th April 19072nd March 1916
4771165Catherine AnnGoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster15th December 190613th August 1906
41601340Edmund GeorgeGoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkMerchant16th September 190118th June 1916
330484JohnGoodrichMildenhall, Suffolk(The Elder)22nd April 18797th March 1888
42151468John GoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkBankers Clerk30th January 1888
4841175Maria LouisaGoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkWidow7th Devember 189711th January 1907
3496RobertGoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkBrick and Lime burner, Farmer16th April 18847th June 1886
5752137Sarah AnnGoodrichMildenhall, SuffolkWidow7th May 192327th February 1932
5761139AlfredGreen3rd September 192813th April 1932
4541123SarahGreenWest Row, SuffolkWidow10th December 189520th September 1904
41621345PeterGrimwoodTuddenham, Suffolk19th October 191610th March 1917
41284275TansleyHallBournemouth, HantsClerk
41191250BetsyHallsLakenheath, SuffolkWidow18th June 191016th November 1910
5831147IsaacHammondLakenheath, Suffolk13th November 192514th August 1932
3374112Robert HammondStughley, SuffolkGentleman2nd August 187728th January 1886
31061339William HanslipMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer10th September 1890
41371296Mary AnnHardingMildenhall, SuffolkWidow26th June 191310th July 1913
5912162WilliamHardingEly, CambsHorse Slaughterer and licensed victualler1st June 1908
1595184Richard Peers HardmanWicken, CambsVicar2nd June 188222nd April 1885
4862177Matilda HarlockBury St Edmunds, SuffolkSpinster24th September 190218th August 1907
41681357Cordelia CharlotteHarrisGreat Barton, SuffolkSpinster10th February 191216th October 1917
512223Fancis KingHarwinFeltwell, NorfolkGentleman4th August 1924
42012447Mary AnnHarwinFeltwell, Norfolk29th November 191931st March 1920
3912262John HawesWicken, CambsFarmer30th June 187927th July 1892
41122238FrederickHensbyLakenheath, SuffolkYeoman3rd November 19096th October 1910
41761377RebeccaHensbyLakenheath, SuffolkWidow20th June 1912
2794260SarahHensbyLittleport, CambsWidow10th January 1852
4521121Eustace HenryHillMildenhall, Suffolk27th April 189913th March 1904
2541138Elizabeth HillsBeck Row, Suffolk4th February 1875
4941199JohnHillsMildenhall, Suffolk20th September 18843rd August 1907
2522135Robert HillsBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer30th June 1876
2381107William SindallHillsWest Row, SuffolkFisherman9th May 18466th December 1872
42143465ArthurHindsWest Row, SuffolkGrocer and Draper 12th October 1912
31712497JohnHoldWest Row, SuffolkBlacksmith and Farmer2nd January 189311th February 1899
41571337Elizabeth RebeccaHoldenLakenheath, Suffolk21st May 191331st May 1913
31595466JohnHollandBarton Mills, SuffolkBuilder17th December 18806th July 1881
333297Lydia MaryHopperCambridge, CambsWidow20th December 188326th August 1888
3922264John HorrexEriswell, SuffolkFarmer28th May 18934th June 1893
41921425LouisaHorrexBeck Row, SuffolkWidow10th November 1910
41081228Robert HorrexMildenhall, SuffolkGrocer, Draper and Farmer27th March 187424th May 1910
42332495JamesHoughtonIsleham, CambsGardener9th November 19228th March 1924
47319William HoughtonIsleham, CambsMarket Gardener24th November 19001st March 1901
540176Ernest ScottHouseholdWatford, HertfordSecond Leutenant, Army, Essex Regiment17th December 191721st July 1917
541277Ernest ScottHouseholdWatford, HertfordSecond Leutenant, Army, Essex Regiment26th February 191721st July 1917
3991300William HouseholdLakenheath, SuffolkGentleman7th March 18947th April 1894
31088341William ThomasHouseholdLakenheath, SuffolkGrocer and Draper22nd April 18952nd August 1895
42311493Ellen FannyHowFreckenham, SuffolkWidow10th March 192221st March 1924
42321494Ellen FannyHowFreckenham, SuffolkWidow10th March 192221st March 1924
31452432ElizabethHowardLakenheath, SuffolkWidow12th August 189524th December 1897
324963JamesHowardLakenheath, SuffolkGentleman22nd June 188529th August 1887
118342Uriah HowlettWicken, CambsYeoman14th November 1878
211118Nathaniel Harlock HumanIsleham, CambsFarmer7th November 187313th March 1874
421149RebeccaHumanIsleham, CambsWidow2nd May 1892
31071340Rebecca HumanIsleham, CambsWidow16th March 189511th April 1895
2624176WilliamHumanIsleham, CambsFarmer10th October 186311th February 1873
117240William HumanIsleham, CambsFarmer12th September 1876
31422425Henry HuntIcklingham, SuffolkGame Dealer3rd July 189112th September 1897
4992208John HuntIcklingham, Suffolkret. Game Dealer7th March 1909
39232HenryHutchinsonRotherham, YorkWine and Spirit merchant6th April 188627th April 1886
41017213Rev. WilliamHuttonMilnthorpe, WestmorelandClerk in Holy Orders 11th September 1867