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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
55312Elizabeth AnnIngleWest Row, Suffolk22nd May 1909
41181249HarrietIsaacsonWalsingham, NorfolkWidow6th July 189611th September 1910
31561462RobertJaggardMildenhall, SuffolkButcher13th March 189924th February 1899
41832409ThomasJaggardBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer17th November 18964th September 1918
2931301RichardJaquesCavenham , SuffolkCarpenter10th February 1853
42342497Agnes BinaJarroldIcklingham, Suffolk29th February 192417th April 1924
4581130EdmundJefferiesEriswell, SuffolkMiller and Farmer1st August 190323rd March 1903
42291491ThomasJessopMildenhall, SuffolkPublican5th September 1916
5551107Beresford AsshetonJohnstoneRetired Major, Indian Army2nd June 190912th January 1930
4512119Everina Mary MaryJohnstoneBournemouth, Hants25th March 19047th April 1904
5318HarryJonesWorlington, SuffolkGolf Club23rd September 1924
4442105EmmaJuddStoke NewingtonWidow20th February 190323rd Decmber 1903
41651349WalterJudeMildenhall, SuffolkPostman10th October 189018th April 1917
15111John KendallTuddenham, SuffolkWheelwright19th January 185328th January 1853
1429Robert KendallTuddenham, SuffolkWheelwright4th April 18289th March 1836
16112William KendallTuddenham, SuffolkWheelwright12th May 18524th September 1853
3454147AlfredKingWoodditton, CambsGentleman17th November 188828th June 1889
31341410Alfred HenryKingWorlington, SuffolkBuilder10th November 18844th May 1894
3783222Elizabeth KingWoodditton, CambsWidow30th July 188926th March 1892
31333407HenryKingBarton Mills, SuffolkPublican30th October 186417th December 1864
1502155John KingWorlington, SuffolkYeoman28th January 187917th October 1884
2874285John LylesKingBury St. Edmunds, SuffolkGentleman20th June187720th November 1877
31144357Matilda KingBury St Edmunds, SuffolkWidow14th October 189117th February 1896
41106230Robert KingWelbourn Hall, LincolnshireEsquire9th January 189719th September 1909
516231RuthKingBeck Row, SuffolkWidow and Innkeeper19th June 192027th March 1926
4721160SamuelKingBeck Row, SuffolkInn Keeper and Farmer16th September 190123rd May 1906
41413304Sarah AnnKingBarton Mills, SuffolkWidow28th May 190313th January 1914
220250Thomas KingFeltwell, NorfolkFarmer19th January 18692nd January 1872
125379Ursula KingMildenhall, SuffolkWidow9th January 187714th September 1878
1391125William KingMildenhall, SuffolkStone Mason22nd July 188216th September 1882
3222William OrbellKitchenerNewmarket, CambsGentleman21st September 187714th December 1877
535167AaronLambHockwold, Norfolk6th March 192823rd April 1928
41141243GeorgeLambHockwold, Norfolk1st September 190029th September 1910
31372415WilliamLambHockwold, NorfolkCarpenter3rd October 1872
315148IsaacLanghamWorlington, SuffolkHorse Clipper24th April 188610th January 1887
4571129SamuelLanghamWorlington, Suffolkret. Gardener29th April 190318th December 1904
41271274ElizaLargeMildenhall, Suffolk29th November 19028th August 1912
122668Francis LargeMildenhall, SuffolkShopkeeper23rd March 185916th May 1880
3111Harriet Louisa LargeWestbourne Grove, MiddlesexSpinster19th August 188023rd March 1886
544287HenryLargeMildenhall, SuffolkRetired Auctioneer8th July 192717th January 1929
517233JamesLargeMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer18th June 1918
31402421Sarah HarrietLargeNorth Riding, YorkshireWidow30th September 189513th August 1897
42171471RichardLastBarton Mills, Suffolk3rd May 1922
334599JohnLeachMildenhall, SuffolkGlass, China and Oil Merchant13th July 188821st July 1888
3461151MaryLeachMildenhall, SuffolkWidow30th November 188830th June 1889
42121462Ellen LeeMildenhall, Suffolk27th July 192010th February 1922
1611192Henry LeonardMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer5th May 18877th May 1885
4693155John LeonardWorlington, SuffolkGardener3rd October 189924th March 1905
31662490RobertLeonardWest Row, SuffolkYeoman25th March 185618th April 1856
2421125RobertLevettFoulden, NorfolkFarmer15th February 18671st January 1870
322160JohnLevingtonWorlington, SuffolkShopkeeper and Farmer7th June 188611th July 1887
312340CharlesLivermoreFordham, CambsMiller24th November 188625th November 1886
3823230Sarah LivermoreGt. Wilbraham, CambsSpinster8th June 188110th October 1884
317150John LoftsHolywell Row, SuffolkLate Postmaster13th February 1883
316149LazarusLoftsHolywell Row, SuffolkFarmer17th September 1886
31691495John LottKnightsbridgeNo Occupation4th September 189314th January 1900
2661203CharlesLoydBrandon, Suffolk28th October 1868
1482151Charles John LucasMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman13th May 18813rd may 1884
4531122HannahLucasMildenhall, SuffolkWidow15th January 189430th April 1904
5542105JonahMackenderLakenheath, SuffolkSkin Merchant24th September 192927th September 1929
1492153Sarah Mary MarshCambridge, CambsWidow16th March 186531st July 1884
56315FannyMarshallMildenhall, SuffolkWidow26th August 19228th March 1925
31132355John MartinMildenhall, SuffolkCoachbuilder and Gas Contractor23rd September 189325th December 1895
31321406Richard MartinIsleham, CambsLabourer14th October 186122nd February 1897
5531104SamuelMartinBeck Row, Suffolk15th April 19298th May 1929
3811229William BurgessMartinLittleport, CambsFarmer 5th April 188818th March 1891
2771257RebeccaMasonIsleham, CambsWidow21st February 1872
430172Ellen MayRichmond, SurreySpinster11th October 18794th April 1885
327277Richard MerringtonMildenhall, SuffolkRet. Harness Maker29th November 18863rd February 1888
527149CorneliusMillerLakenheath, SuffolkBootmaker4th June 1927
42241480George PreslandMillerLakenheath, Suffolk10th December 192016th April 1923
4664149John MillerMildenhall, SuffolkVeterinary Surgeon28th September 1905
320158MatthewMillerLakenheath, Suffolk7th May 188519th January 1887
521140Alfred GeorgeMonkMildenhall, Suffolk4th August 192413th March 1925
13611111John MooreIsleham, CambsFarmer16th January 1858
227175William MooreCambridge, CambsHarness maker17th December 18619th December 1874
4821173CharlesMorelyMildenhall, Suffolk10th June 1907
42191474EleanorMorleyLakenheath, Suffolk12th September 1922
41442309GeorgeMorleyWest Row, SuffolkFarmer28th April 189914th September 1914
2502132JacobMorleyWest Row, SuffolkFarmer1st February 186431st December 1867
31613475JacobMorleyWest Row, SuffolkTailor25th September 18915th February 1899
214132James EdwardMorleyMildenhall, SuffolkBricklayer11th March 1869
5781141JaneMorleyWest Row, Suffolk10th September 193216th August 1932
2462129JosephMorleyWest Row, SuffolkFarmer12th December 186815th January 1869
31621478Martha JaneMorleyWest Row, SuffolkWidow1st April 189913th February 1899
3631188MaryMorleyMildenhall, SuffolkWidow23rd January 1889
5662124RobertMorleyWest Row, SuffolkTailor11th March 191010th January 1931
2531137Robert MorleyWicken, CambsLabourer14th April 1849
4652147Samuel MorleyWest Row, SuffolkMarket Gardener and Seedsman1st July 190521st July 1905
31491446William Houlden MorleyWorlington, SuffolkInn Keeper22nd January 189819th February 1898
42283488Michael AndrewsMorrisonMildenhall, SuffolkEsquire19th March 192320th August 1923
31212382SallyMossChippenham, Cambs14th June 1889
3612185GeorgeMyhillMildenhall, Suffolklate Relieving Officer22nd September 189013th December 1890