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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
3541172GeorgeNaylerIcklingham, SuffolkShopkeeper and Farmer23rd April 189015th March 1890
313343Henry NaylerIcklingham, Suffolk17th December 18845th January 1887
42352499Constance KatharineNewcomeThurston, SuffolkSpinster3rd February 19193rd April 1924
41755372Edward CyrillNewcomeFeltwell, NorfolkEsquire15th October 191724th November 1917
41071227Francis d'Arcy William CloughNewcomeFeltwell, NorfolkEsquire5th July 18979th February 1910
31272400William CyrillNewcomeBoothby Pagnell, LincolnClerk in Holy Orders21st August 189419th March 1897
31192375EmmaNewdickLakenheath, SuffolkWidow7th September 18946th May 1896
3595179John NewdickUndley, SuffolkFarmer29th April 188912th August 1890
2851282JohnNewmanShingham, NorfolkFarmer16th August 186929th July 1869
3511168JohnNewtonGoswell Road, MiddlesexGentleman22nd June 18839th January 1890
4911195SarahNicholasWest Row, SuffolkWidow13th March 190816th January 1908
4931198WilliamNicholasWest Row, SuffolkFarmer1st August 190724th November 1907
1421138Eliza NormanSpinster15th December 188221st May 1883
17213Francis NormanIsleham, CambsMachinist2nd March 1878
3891260HarrietNormanMildenhall, SuffolkWidow29th January 18831st January 1893
31001301HarrietNormanMildenhall, SuffolkWidow29th January 18831st January 1893
4486110James NormanMildenhall, SuffolkInn Keeper18th June 189122nd December 1901
115236Thomas Sculthorp NunnIcklingham, SuffolkYeoman12th December 185919th December 1859
332196Charles WearneOatsHeigham Hall, Norwich, NorfolkRailway Clerk12th July 18885th April 1887
3413133Charles GrimwadeOwersMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman28th June 188023rd September 1884
4264Charles EdwardOwlesBrandon, SuffolkGentleman12th November 189110th February 1901
4922196Elizabeth MaryOwlesBrandon, SuffolkWidow23rd December 19036th February 1908
4636140William OwlesBrandon, SuffolkGentleman12th March 19016th June 1905
2807264JamesPackeMelton Lodge, SuffolkEsquire2nd July 1869
536368CharlesPalmerMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman28th May 19216th june 1928
1403126Charles PalmerMildenhall, SuffolkGas Manufacturer21st February 187110th August 1871
3471152EdwardPalmerWorlington, SuffolkLate Farmer16th March 188922nd June 1889
41484322EzekielPalmerSoham, CambsFarmer5th October 190717th February 1915
42061453GeorgePalmerRevells Hall, Bengeo, HertsFarmer8th March 18876th August 1888
328479HenryPalmerLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer5th July 18756th March 1888
31044320JosephPalmerWilby, NorfolkFarmer20th February 185419th May 1863
41871418MatthewPalmerLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer24th August 191814th October 1918
31671492PeterPalmerIcklingham, SuffolkFarmer27th December 189928th December 1899
424158Robert PalmerDownham, CambsDealer24th March 189413th December 1902
41431308WilliamPalmerIsleham, Cambs7th September 191424th September 1914
3582177WilliamPalmer Lakenheath, SuffolkLate farm Bailiff20th April 188625th March 1890
5673126NelsonPammantWest Row, Suffolk12th March 19278th February 1931
4421103John PammentIsleham, CambsGeneral Shopkeeper22nd January 190023rd June 1903
41822407ThomasPammentWest Row, SuffolkYeoman1st April 1918
4952200AnnPapworthSydenham, KentSpinster22nd September 18966th March 1908
5892155HarryParishMildenhall, SuffolkButcher13th February 193227th September 1933
4671153Mary AnnParkerBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer1st May 1899
3885255WilliamParryKempsey, WorcesterGentleman12th February 1859
41512329George ParsonsLakenheath, Suffolkret. Builder5th February 191219th July 1914
42082456JohnParsonsLakenheath, SuffolkBuilder25th July 190520th November 1920
5732134RosinaParsonsLakenheath, SuffolkWidow6th August 19311st October 1931
3692203CharlesPateBirmingham, Warwickshire10th January 18914th May 1891
31162367MariaPateShildon, Norwich, NorfolkSpinsterOctober 189410th February 1896
126782Abraham PeacheyKenny Hill, SuffolkFarmer16th December 187026th December 1879
41383297GeorgePeacheyWest Row, SuffolkFarmer11th December 190517th November 1913
4781166Henry PeacheyBeck Row, Suffolk9th December 1905
128191Mary Ann PeacheyMildenhall, SuffolkWidow20th December 187927th February 1880
31651489PeterPeacheyWest Row, SuffolkShopkeeper6th April 18956th December 1899
2921301RichardPeacheyMildenhall, SuffolkHarness maker21st November 1851
123274Robert PeacheyStratford, EssexRailway servant7th December 18724th August 1880
310434RoperPeacheyLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer10th July 1879
3643189JohnPearmainDownham Market, NorfolkGentleman13th August 18876th July 1891
5561108FrederickPearsonWisbech St Mary, CambsSmallholder12th April 19209th January 1930
41771378Mabel GiovanniPeelingBarton Mills, Suffolk31st December 19156th March 1918
5851150MatthewPendleBeck Row, SuffolkLinen Draper8th July 193314th June 1933
31223384ElijahPensonEly, CambsCattle Dealer17th September 189616th October 1896
31243389ElijahPensonEly, CambsCattle Dealer17th September 189616th October 1896
43410Samuel EdgarPerryLittleport, CambsClerk in Holy Orders/ Vicar18th April 18968th December 1897
42301492John PhillipsKenny Hill, SuffolkFarmer25th October 19028th March 1924
31582464WilliamPhillipsBeck Row, SuffolkShoemaker7th March 189014th September 1898
31556456William PhillipsMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer6th April 18787th April 1898
31481445Mary AnnPiggWicken, Cambs21st March 189222nd January 1898
41021220Gerald GeorgePlaceBregsjesfontein, S. AfricaGentleman7th January 1901
1567168Jabez George PlaceWangford, SuffolkFarmer30th January 188531st January 1885
412129EstherPledgerMildenhall, Suffolk12th January 19018th October 1901
513125CharlesPorterLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer2nd February 1924
41421307IsaacPowellLakenheath, Suffolkret. Publican21st April 1914
41935426JamesPrattCambridge, CambsGentleman25th November 190427th June 1906
2658196Rev. WilliamPriddenWest Stow, SuffolkClerk18th August 18713rd September 1872
2631180Elizabeth AnnProutLakenheath, SuffolkSpinster11th February 186212th May 1871
1584180Robert PryerFeltwell, NorfolkFarmer17th August 18711st April 1885
49223ThomasPulleyMildenhall, SuffolkGardener17th October 190016th August 1901