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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
3366106Thomas WattsRandallMildenhall, SuffolkButcher13th August 18868th November 1888
42231479Annie OddenReadMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster31st March 1896
3424136Elizabeth ReadFerling, EssexWife of Dissenting Minister2nd December 187212th April 1888
29314JamesReadMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman9th October 187419th October 1874
212419JamesReadMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman7th September 187519th February 1876
42202475SarahReadMildenhall, SuffolkWidow21st February 190123rd February 1918
4751163RussellReederMildenhall, SuffolkYeoman28th October 19059th November 1905
4901194James SlipperReeveWest Row, SuffolkShoemaker13th March 19086th February 1908
4741162ThomasReeveSoham, CambsFarmer27th June 1906
2518Dame Maria LouisaReidEwell, SurreyWidow1st June 1869
120647William RichardsPalgrave, SuffolkGentleman10th September 1959
41816401ElizabethRichardsonMildenhall, SuffolkWidow10th June 1911
2682208ThomasRobertsonHengrave, SuffolkFarmer29th July 1874
310214303George FletcherRobinsIsleham, CambsEsquire5th February 189222nd December 1894
418341MaryRobinsIsleham, CambsWidow22nd February 189620th March 1902
543780George FrederickRobinsonIsleham, CambsFarmer16th April 191516th January 1929
5131Henry WilsonRobinsonIsleham, CambsClerk and Vicar9th March 192312th April 1924
515328MargaretRobinsonIsleham, CambsWidow10th May 192429th December 1925
5905157Richard ThomasRobinsonIsleham, CambsFarmer10th May 19248th December 1933
1512157Sarah Jane RodmanWicken, CambsWidow25th November 188429th November 1884
41844411BenjaminRolfeLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer6th September 190725th November 1918
41522331Butcher SamuelRolfeFreckenham, SuffolkFarmer29th June 191528th July 1915
41294279EstherRolfeWest Row, SuffolkSpinster29th October 190210th September 1912
5574109George SamuelRolfeWest Row, SuffolkMarket Gardener24th November 19226th March 1930
31604471James RolfeWest Row, SuffolkFarmer17th September 189829th September 1898
42162469JohnRolfeFreckenham, SuffolkFarmer13th March 192214th May 1922
3621187JohnRolfeLakenheath, SuffolkAssistant Overseer13th February 187325th January 1890
4971204MariaRolfeWest Row, Suffolk21st May 18805th May 1908
41003210SamuelRolfeWest Row, SuffolkMarket Gardener13th April 188816th May 1906
1352109Samuel RolfeMildenhall, SuffolkPainter and Glazier28th April 188119th April 1882
41741371SophiaRolfeWest Row, SuffolkWidow19th June 190929th January 1918
5522102WalterRolfeWest Row, SuffolkFarmer29th March 191912th June 1929
5861151Hephzibah TroupRolphBarton Mills, SuffolkWidow25th April 193328th June 1933
5791142JabezRolphLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer1st October 193213th November 1932
528450JamesRolphLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer7th March 19216th March 1928
426264James RolphLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer5th October 189130th December 1902
41701359RebeccaRolphDalhamWidow16th April 191020th January 1918
438190RebeccaRolphLakenheath, SuffolkWidow9th March 19035th January 1903
439491RebeccaRolphLakenheath, Suffolk21st August 18885th January 1903
58119Roger CharlesRolphLakenheath, Suffolk22nd April 1925
5602115Sophia RebeccaRolphLakenheath, SuffolkSpinster19th December 192120th October 1923
41343289Thomas JabezRolphLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer19th December 190111th April 1913
41391300Henry Thomas RudlandWhittington, NorfolkGrocer and Draper24th March 18931st March 1912
3551173JaneRudlandWhittington, NorfolkWidow3rd September 188617th June 1890
41715360John JamesRudlandIsleham, CambsCorn and Seed Merchant20th December 191516th January 1918
3851241Mary Jane RudlandWhittington, NorfolkSpinster1st January 189219th May 1892
319256ThomasRudlandWatton, NorfolkGentleman2nd April 18878th April 1887
5681129ArthurRumbelowBeck Row, Suffolk23rd February 19249th February 1931
410325Edwin RumbelowFreckenham, SuffolkMiller and Farmer26th February 18976th November 1901
3324Elizabeth RumbelowFordham, CambsSpinster30th October 18735th April 1886
3403130Elizabeth RumbelowFreckenham, SuffolkWidow4th February 187827th January 1889
5691130MaryRumbelowBeck Row, Suffolk14th June 192710th February 1931
5842148MaryRumbelowFreckenham, SuffolkWidow16th February 193119th January 1933
4613135SarahRumbelowFordham, CambsSpinster21st February 189621st March 1905
46316WalterRumbelowFreckenham, SuffolkFarmer23rd January 189221st July 1900
518235William WestropeRumbelowFreckenham, SuffolkFarmer10th December 190715th February 1926
44114Sarah RushbrookFreckenham, SuffolkWidow21st April 18941st March 1901
3772220WilliamRushbrookFreckenham, SuffolkYeoman31st March 189126th December 1891
2592164JohnRussellFeltwell, NorfolkYeoman3rd September 18732nd June 1875
41675352ElijahRutterfordLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer21st April 189029th June 1917
534166JohnRutterfordLakenheath, Suffolk16th September 192616th May 1928
41614341MatthewRutterfordLittle Livermere, SuffolkFarmer7th March 19141st December 1916
42252481RichardRutterfordLakenheath, SuffolkLabourer23rd January 1913
2601166John WilliamRyderHenlow, BedsYeoman
436186Arthur John SanfordStowmarket, SuffolkButcher7th December 189511th April 1898
41502327John LewisSaxtonBeck Row, Suffolkret. Schoolmaster11th January 191524th May 1915
3442145GeorgianaScalesMundford, Norfolk15th March 1889
412110252John SeaberMildenhall, SuffolkEsquire15th July 1886
431873MarySeaberLittlebury, EssexWidow7th July 1858
331888Mary SeaberFordham, CambsWidow25th April 18555th February 1858
4898186Mary AnnSeaberBurnt Fen, SuffolkWidow26th January 190018th November 1907
3652192Elizabeth SearjantTuddenham, SuffolkWidow3rd April 18915th April 1891
2431126Mary SeckerMildenhall, SuffolkWidow11th December 187414th December 1874
2441127Mary SeckerMildenhall, SuffolkWidow13th December 187414th December 1874
2884289WilliamSharpeIsleham, CambsGentleman25th July 1811
42273485ChristopherSimkinBeck Row, Suffolkret. Builder7th March 192221st August 1923
416335Anne CarolineSingletonBury St Edmunds, SuffolkWidow15th July 189115th March 1902
216834WilliamSingletonWorlington, SuffolkClerk25th August 185311th April 1873
2552139Jeremy SlackWicken, CambsGentleman13th November 187513th January 1876
232283MarySlackWicken, CambsWidow21st June 187013th June 1872
2582162MarySlackWicken, CambsWidow21st June 187013th June 1872
2331185Sarah SlackSoham, CambsWidow20th April 186917th April 1874
112427James SlipperWest Row, SuffolkGardener13th January 18658th January 1874
5711132Anna EmmaSmithMildenhall, Suffolk13th April 192927th April 1931
41641348Elizabeth AnnSmithBarton Mills, Suffolk22nd September 1916
525147Grace MariaSmithMildenhall, SuffolkPublican24th May 192721st July 1927
523243Henry BeveridgeSmithHockwold, Norfolk8th May 191523rd April 1927
31751505John SmithLakenheath, Suffolkret. Shopkeeper10th October 1898
440495MarianneSmithBury St Edmunds, SuffolkWidow1st May 188910th September 1903
45115MarySmithLakenheath, Suffolk1st March 19016th March 1901
31701496WilliamSmithSoham, Cambsret. Millers Clerk27th April 18969th December 1899
4983205Elizabeth MarySnareBrandon, SuffolkWidow19th June 19066th November 1908
229277George SnareBrandon, SuffolkGunflint maker23rd November 1848
329183Mary AnnSouthgateMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster5th January 188831st January 1888
39616281Joseph ScottSparrowLakenheath, SuffolkMerchant31st July 187610th March 1881
2831280AnnSpillingBrandon, SuffolkWidow14th May 186321st May 1863
31232387WilliamSpoonerTuddenham, SuffolkShopkeeper20th July 189510th November 1896
3521169Richard StallonHockwold, NorfolkFarmer5th March 186825th June 1868
41531333Luke StanfordLakenheath, SuffolkFarmer14th May 1913
3764216Henry MaldenStaplesFordham, CambsGentleman30th October 189121st January 1892
1327George StarlingIsleham, CambsTurfman20th February 1875
4681154ElizaStebbedsMildenhall, SuffolkWidow17th April 190020th November 1900
3532170Ann SteggallUxbridge, MiddlesexWidow4th September 1879
31351411CarolineSterlingWorlington, SuffolkWidow17th February 189615th April 1897
41263271George HenryStilesMildenhall, SuffolkGrocer, Draper and Provision Merchant7th March 190324th May 1912
530357George HenryStilesMildenhall, SuffolkGrocer and Draper25th July 192723rd September 1927
5882153HerbertStilesMildenhall, SuffolkDraper and outfitter10th May 19331st September 1933
5701131Walter WilliamStilesMildenhall, Suffolk1st April 193030th December 1929
4641146Elizabeth CharlotteStrettonLakenheath, SuffolkSpinster7th February 190528th July 1905
1541166Mary StricklandPeckham, London21st July 188413th January 1885
5811145AbramSummersStreatham, London18th February 193221st September 1932
41172247JamesSummersWest Row, Suffolkret. Farmer13th February 19119th April 1911
1141Charlotte SwabeyLambeth, SurreyWidow24th February 18686th November 1868