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BookFolder Ref:No of PagesPageNameSurnameLocationOccupationDate of WillDate of Death
3502166CarolineTaylorSoham, Cambs20th June 1883
31682493CharlesTaylorChippenham, CambsGrocer and Draper19th November 1898
4622138John TaylorLakenheath, SuffolkYeoman26th February 19008th June 1905
41403301Caroline ThompsonBrandon, SuffolkWidow7th December 19089th January 1914
42101460HarrietThompsonBarton Mills, SuffolkSpinster18th March 192021st May 1921
4761164John RobertThompsonBarton Mills, Suffolk2nd June 1902
1211553James ThornonCheshunt, HertfordEsquire13th April 18767th February 1880
4851176Ellen Elizabeth WykehamToddEriswell, SuffolkSpinster12th August 190715th August 1907
113231William Morton TongeMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman25th August 1877
539274CharlesTurnerBeck Row, Suffolk5th June 192421st October 1925
5591114George JamesTurnerBarton Mills, SuffolkBaker and Beerhouse keeper21st February 192430th May 1930
41491326JohnTurnerFeltwell, NorfolkFarmer21st February 190112th January 1915
4831174MarkTurnerIsleham, Cambs7th March 190519th January 1906
41201251MartinTydemanMildenhall, SuffolkCoal Merchant9th January 190612th February 1907
4711159Harry FrederickUnglessMildenhall, SuffolkPainter, Builder and Undertaker26th April 190519th March 1906
226174ElizabethVailBrandon, SuffolkWidow14th August 186516th April 1872
3972297RobertValeMildenhall, SuffolkBrickmaker13th January 189219th March 1894
31431427John RobinsonWaddelowClifton Reynes, BuckinghamshireBachelor of Arts8th December 187620th January 1889
114333Marianne WaddelowChilcompton, SomersetWidow31st July 187811th May 1879
2316MarthaWaddelowBournemouth, HantsSpinster30th March 1870
4451107ThomasWaddelowBury St Edmunds, SuffolkGentleman7th October 1896
2224ThomasWaddelowLittleport, CambsGentleman30th January 181727th May 1818
433282ElizabethWaltonFordham, CambsWidow31st October 188921st April 1903
1471150John WaltonFordham, CambsYeoman1st August 187624th January 1884
5651123CharlesWarrenWest Row, SuffolkOld Age Pensioner29th October 19305th Dec 1930
41051225FlorenceWarthFordham, Cambs7th February 1910 (1810)11th February 1910
2371106Henry WatmoughHockwold, NorfolkFarmer22nd November 18734th September 1873
42004443Agnes AnnieWatsonBrandon, SuffolkSpinster16th March 1920
3981299Robert WatsonIsleham, CambsInn Keeper4th April 18947th April 1894
42132463Catherine WebbWest Row, Suffolk17th February 1920
41332287JohnWebbMildenhall, SuffolkFarmer7th June 19115th February 1913
542179Julia AnnWebbFreckenham, SuffolkWidow26th May 19104th January 1929
127289John WebberIsleham, CambsYeoman13th May 184417th May 1844
2576156JamesWebsterMilton, CambsFarmer17th November 1863
27211Edward CornishWellsBury St. Edmunds, SuffolkClerk31st October 18673rd December 1870
514226BetseyWestleySoham, CambsWidow20th December 189812th February 1915
422650James WestleySoham, CambsAuctioneer8th August 187125th December 1896
5821146Irene MaryWestonWest Row, Suffolk16th October 193128th December 1932
48122William WestropeFreckenham, Suffolk14th October 185728th April 1860
28113James WharfBrandon, SuffolkFishmonger18th September 1876
550196JamesWhatnellEriswell, Suffolk6th June 19291st February 1929
230179RobertWhitingMildenhall, SuffolkGrocer and Draper13th April 1769
41902422ElizaWhitmoreFeltwell, NorfolkWidow25th January 19151st March 1919
31724499Hannah HarrietWilkinsonMount Oswald, DurhamSpinster11th April 18956th June 1896
31636479Thomas WilliamWilkinsonSt. Oswalds, Limerick14th June 18858th February 1899
224865James WillettBrandon, SuffolkYeoman23rd March 18339th January 1835
42041451Arthur WilliamWilliamsKings Lynn, NorfolkBankers Clerk30th December 18977th October 1920
41662350BetsyWilliamsLakenheath, SuffolkWidow21st March 1911
3672200JosephWilliamsLakenheath, SuffolkMachinist9th May 189125th May 1891
4962202MaryWilliamsLakenheath, SuffolkWidow27th November 1899
41133240SamuelWilliamsLakenheath, Suffolkret. Shopkeeper19th July 191027th October 1910
234496CubittWingBeck Row, SuffolkGentleman10th December 187618th December 1876
2695210GeorgeWingBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th March 1867
2706215GeorgeWingBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th March 1867
2717221GeorgeWingBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th March 1867
2727228GeorgeWingBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer14th March 1867
2737235JamesWingMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman27th February 1868
2747242JamesWingMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman27th February 1868
425559John WingMildenhall, SuffolkGentleman6th December 19001st February 1903
31543453MarianneWingMildenhall, SuffolkSpinster4th April 18963rd June 1898
3498158HenryWisemanChippenham, CambsFarmer16th July 18631st April 1871
31474441JacobWoodroffeLittle London, CambsGentleman6th June 189616th February 1898
2817271ThomasWoodsIsleham, CambsFarmer27th February 1856
4601134IsaacWoollardBeck Row, SuffolkFarmer12th May 19025th April 1903
5632119Jane AnnaWrightTuddenham, SuffolkWidow6th October 19307th December 1930
1372122Elizabeth Sarah YaringtonIpswich, SuffolkWidow11th September 18798th September 1881
3802227Elizabeth YoungMildenhall, SuffolkWidow9th March 18923rd April 1892
3571176Charles Fose YoungmanWest Row, MildenhallGentleman26th December 18883rd June 1890
41963435Ellen MaryYoungmanWest Row, SuffolkSpinster6th December 1895